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Moskow ians zoo links

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The important parameter of work of a modern zoo vcom system commander rapidshare link - a degree of its participation in межзоопарковском cooperation. The matter is that opportunities of reception of new animals from the nature are extremely limited and every year decrease, and the nature protection role of zoo demands from them to be establishments "not consuming", and "making" animals vcom system commander rapidshare link . Accordingly, the increasing value get self-renewing zoo link park populations of rare kinds.

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But long duplication of a small number of animals inevitably leads to their fast genetic degeneration, and to contain big enough number of individuals of one kind not on forces to any zoo ians links. The unique way of maintenance of genetic health zoo parkovskih the populations, allowing them to exist is not limited long, and under favorable conditions even enabling to spend reintroduktsiju to the nature, is a wide cooperation between zoo.

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The more the animals containing in different conditions, participate in cultivation, the it is more chances of success. Considering it is ians zoo links of the world already for a long time form regional (the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the European Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums, vcom system commander rapidshare link ) and World (the International Board of directors of Zoological Parks) the organizations.

Close cooperation within the limits of these organizations, the careful account of each individual of a rare kind in collections of ians zoo links entering into them, development and realization of special plans of cultivation of rare kinds in which raschitany optimum from the genetic point of view parameters of duplication of separate animals also are developed corresponding systems of movings of animals between zoos, all this has allowed to achieve greater successes.
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Zoos not only exchange rare animals, but supervise conditions of their maintenance. For example, transfer to our ians zoo links of pair the rare Asian lions took place only after the positive conclusion of the international commission in occasion of conditions given by it. Except for exchanges of animals zoos have also other occasions for dialogue.
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Zooparkovskaja the science quickly develops - special magazines and collections of works are published, meetings and conferences are spent, employees of different zoos constantly exchange experience. The Moscow zoo actively participates in this cooperation. We support continuous communications with the majority of zoos of Northern America and the Europe, bystoro our contacts to zoos of other parts of the world (the card evidently speaks about geography of communications of the Moscow ians zoo links on this page) extend.

One of the largest zoos of the USA - a zoo of San Diego - pobatim the Moscow zoo (vcom system commander rapidshare link). In the Europe we most closely cooperate with zoos of Germany, Holland and the Great Britain, and as with the Tallinn zoo.
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Director of the Moscow zoo Vladimir Spitsin - a member of Board of directors of Zoological Parks and chairman Evro-Aziatskoj of Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums which includes the majority of zoos of the former USSR. For zoos of Russia and the CIS countries the Moscow zoo serves as also the methodical center.
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Last years in Moskovsk a zoo the large international meetings which have collected directors and employees of zoos from all world took place: in 1994 a symposium on a problem of preservation of the Amur tiger, and in 1997 - conference "City and a zoo vcom system commander rapidshare link ", devoted to the 850 anniversary of Moscow and end of the first stage of reconstruction of the Moscow zoo.

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